The Brand new Point & Click website!

The Brand new Point & Click website!

The team at Point & Click is excited to finally share our newly redesigned website! The update is long overdue but well worth the wait. Not only has the site had a significant face lift, its core functionality has been updated to utilize the Point & Click framework – one of the best Content Management Systems out there, and one we always recommend when a client is shopping for a new website.

Let’s chat a little website building, Framework, and what I mean when I call it the “Point & Click framework”. Think of your website as property you own on the internet – your very own location to build whatever you want on. When you decide to start building, you need to lay a foundation and build the frame for your structure. This is that foundation and frame, providing a user-friendly place to enter in all of the content you want to show on your website and displaying it to the public in a visually tidy, organized fashion.

What does a website built on our Framework mean for you, the client? Well, it means you have control over of the content on your website! Easily add news updates, press releases, photos, and new pages without having to download any special software and without having to ask us to do it for you (although we’re always here and happy to help in any way).

The other cool thing about our framework is that it is highly customizable and extremely powerful.  We can build you unique designs that will help your website stand out and display your brand in a memorable way, and we can also build in custom functionality like shopping carts and social media integration.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our new website, feel free to contact us if you are interested in designing something similar for your company.


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