A view into the process

steps to a final site

1. Concept

Everything starts with a concept. Specifically our clients concept, we take in everything you want and use that as a starting for the initial design.

2. Design

After we have our concept we make a mock up. We stay as close to the concept as possible while also still keeping it within web standards.

3. Code

The final step is coding the website. We build based on the design and refine until we have a finished product that our clients love.

Website design is more than just throwing content on the page. The design needs to make sense, be easy to read, and visually interesting. At Point & Click we understand this and specialize in making sure that the information that is displayed is displayed efficiently, is visually appealing, and entices your audience.

Our Humble Beginnings

Website design is the backbone of Point & Click

Website design is not just another item in our long list of services here at Point & Click, it is a passion. Website design is how Point & Click began and is still one of our most popular services. In order to make the biggest impact on your company’s given market, we will take your vision and create a unique, visually captivating website. This ensures that we create a website that fits your brand identity, captures interest, creates leads, and allows easier client interaction. We offer you the options needed to make your website work for you.

Our Passion

Our designers have a passion for web design

We offer website designs that are unparalleled in the industry, creating unique interfaces with seamless branding throughout and making sure it is impressive and effective. We know that a website needs to be easy to navigate, eye-catching and incorporate a strong call to action throughout.  Our experts at Point & Click have been following and predicting website design trends for over a decade and are able to provide you with a keen eye for trends of the future as well as utilizing tried and true techniques that work today.

Our designers love what they do and it shows in our work. We take your concepts and visualizations and merge them with your requirements to make a website tailored uniquely to your needs.