Point & Click Knows The Web

We will help you find your place in it

We understand what it takes to create amazing websites and how to code them with the latest technologies and highest standards. We identify with how consumers use the internet, how search habits work and how product discovery through the ever growing social networks influence sales. Furthermore we know how to create strategies that will convert that traffic to new customers.

  • Event Calendars
  • Custom Post Types
  • Shopping Cart
  • Custom Fields
  • Directories 
  • Forms
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Product Management
  • Geolocation 
  • Product Builders

We understand website and know how to design tools that increase your site’s functionality.

We understand the value of your brand and how to communicate what makes you great to the world.

Be found where your customers are looking.

Traditional advertising becomes less effective every year. Customers expect to find and interact with companies through their website. Companies need to allow users to do more with their websites and clients expect to have more paperless experiences. We help you find less expensive and more effective options.

Even the BBB value proposition has been replaced by services like Google Local Reviews. Many companies get stuck in a cycle of “We have always done it this way” or “This used to work really well”. The days of “used to work” are past; you need to go where your clients are and to be compatible with the devices they are using. You must give them tools not just a brochure site and those tools must be effective.

More importantly you need a large enough online footprint so they can find you. Let us help you get there. We will work to understand your company’s goals and brand, then use that knowledge to create a strategy for your industry. Your website needs to be a flawless hybrid between relaying your company’s message and strategic marketing. Point & Click has the knowledge and experience to merge these concepts and help you design a plan to meet your goals.