Social Media Marketing

connected to your audience

Today the options for social networking are far more vast and flexible depending on your industry. Businesses are getting more and more active in social media sites and it is helping them get noticed on a broader scale. Google is making a big step toward social with products like Google Plus. Even Google Places has become a social tool. Everyone is getting into social media and it is important that your business keeps up with this popular form of networking. Likewise there are also a lot of social sites that are not right for every industry.

Point & Click can help you improve your overall brand footprint with social media. With our expertise in the social media field we can help you define the right social media outlets. Our experts are able to work with you to design strategies that will help reach more clients and create more interaction with the clients you already have. Let us brand your company on these networks with impressive graphical presences such as Facebook designs, Twitter branded pages and much more.


According to an online study, 66% of adults who utilize the internet are connected to one or more social media sites. 50% of those users check their favorite networks first thing every morning.


There are so many social media networks it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Not every networking site is right for every business. Let Point & Click help define which are right for you.


Who says you have to spend a lot of money to create a great campaign? Most social media sites have no cost to join and limited to no fees to advertise your business online.


Use social media to find new fans online. Once you have a solid base you will have your fans refer you to friends, turning your social networking into an effective, measurable social marketing campaign!

Social Media Marketing

Creating a following

Social media has become a huge part of the World Wide Web, but it is no longer just a place for friends and coworkers to catch up. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are fantastic places to market your company. Having a social media presence is a great way to get your company noticed by millions of potential clients. Point & Click has followed social media growth over the past several years and we know exactly how to create the best social media campaign for your company. By branding every facet of your social media presence to fit with your  company’s website and message, it is a fast way to build credibility and get your name recognized by the millions of visitors that use social media every day.


A new trend in the industry

In the past we have always used search as our main form of client exposure but with new technologies and networks, we find that discovery becomes a bigger factor every day. Discovery means instead of finding companies with search terms, as the term search implies, many are now using the “likes” from their social media networks to influence decisions. “Likes” have become a referral system between friends on social networks. Let Point & Click guide you through the maze of social networking and get you the growth and consumer loyalty you are looking for.

People are actively using social media every day and sharing with their networks. From a branding perspective your company should be participating in this. You should be making every effort to reach out to your network, maintain your current clients and generate new ones. Social media allows you to do this in many different ways.