Search Engine Optimization

What makes for good SEO

Speed & User Experience

These are major factors in every site’s SEO strategy. This experience a user has on your website is measured by the way your site is coded and how your pages and content are organized. The proper content funnel and hierarchy is of utmost importance for ranking high on search. Equally important is the speed of your site and how it works on various devices.

Content & Key Phrases

Without proper optimization the search engines have a hard time figuring out what your page is all about. Just adding keywords is not enough, you need a content strategy and your site must be topic driven. Topics are used to discover what your site is all about, this helps create your sites overall identity and ensures you are sending the search engines the right signals.

Online Authority

Search algorithms are very complicated but on consistent factor is the need to return high quality unbiased results. SEO is no longer about fooling search engines into ranking sites. If you want to be ranked as the authority on a subject your site needs to be the authority. This means careful content planning, clear and simple organization and the use of content silos.

SEO Experience

Optimizing websites for years

We know how to ensure high rankings on each search engine, and our team has a strong, well researched understanding of search engines and how their algorithms work. We know what Google is looking for when it visits your website and know how to do the research required to find keywords you can succeed with. Point & Click has a proven track record of getting clients on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo for their desired keywords – request a quote and let us put that experience to work for you.

Adapting to the Times

As times change so does search

People are accessing information in very different ways now and as a company it is important to make sure that you are staying in front of people who are searching for you at every opportunity. Point & Click’s search engine optimization campaigns are sure to do just that. We know the tried and true methods to get your company on the search engines and are constantly keeping up to date with the newest search engine changes that affect your rankings.

A website is a necessity in today’s technologically savvy environment and with that ever expanding market it is harder than ever to contend with online competitors. That is why search engine optimization is vital for the success of your website.