The Point & Click Mission

our core values are what helps define our business

Our Core Values, Serve as a moral compass in everything we do.

At Point & Click we believe that the way a company operates is reflective of the people that work there. Everyone decision we make at Point & Click follows three immutable rules: 1. We are Problem Solvers 2. We do good things, and 3. We always have a positive attitude. We believe these three rules define a strong employee, a good partner and at their core they are the definition of a good person and that is what we are all about.

Positive Attitude & Initiative

With a positive attitude and initiative anyone can accomplish anything. As one of our immutable rules having a positive attitude and initiative can go a long way. It means that everyone is willing to go the extra mile and ensures this is a fun and pleasant place to work.

  • A positive attitude creates a positive atmosphere.
  • A positive atmosphere encourages free thinking and initiative.
  • With initiative everything is top priority & people motivated to tackle anything.
  • Positive attitude and initiative means that everyone loves what they do!

Problem Solvers

This is a very important rule for us, you will never see anyone with an official “title” instead everyone is a “Problem Solver”. We do not believe in the “not my job” mentality rather any one can solve anything. Working in a tech-based company solving complicated problems is what we do.

  • When everyone is a problem everything is everyone’s job.
  • Being a problem solver means you are always ready to help.
  • Every problem is solvable no matter how tough or impossible it may seem.
  • A positive attitude and initiative goes a long way in being a problem solver.

We Do Good Things

This may be our most important rule. Most might see this as just another “we work hard for our customers” statement however it is so much more than that. We like to think in terms of how we can affect the ones around us in a positive way. This rule encompasses how we interact with our coworkers, clients, families & community.

  • We donate our time, talent & money to local charities & non profits.
  • We try and affect those around us in the most positive ways possible.
  • We like to treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • We care about what we do and the people we work with.

Moral Compass

Our three immutable rules are what we see as the guidelines for our moral compass. These core values define the culture of our company and every employee believes in their value. We apply these beliefs and values to every decision we make.