Landing Pages

a powerful call to action

Landing pages are imperative to any Pay Per Click marketing campaign. Landing pages are specific pages based around the keywords your campaign is built on – it allows the user to land on a page specific to the search term used. This type of methodology ensures the user quickly and easily finds their specific product or service. It also allows us to create a pinpoint message about the products or services, such as an impressive, targeted brand or a product message. This lowers your bounce rates and creates a strong call to action. With well built landing pages, solid PPC ads, a well run campaign and Point & Click’s experts behind you, you can’t fail.

No matter what your industry is, landing pages can be an effective way to create and maintain customers by funneling them to your services. Allowing you to make an impression that keeps their business and their interest.

Our marketing and design team can use landing pages as a tool to understand how customers learn about your company through advertisements on social media, while also assisting you in maintaining the flow of online visitors.

Point & Click firmly believes in it’s ability to use landing pages to make your marketing success skyrocket. We will take the time to understand your industry and your needs for your business on every kind of budget.

A landing page is a key step in any marketing strategy.

At Point & Click we have years of experience creating landing pages that work.

If your marketing plan includes AdWords, Social Media or Craigslist, a landing page provides a great incentive for your visitor to turn into a client on the spot.

A great landing page will consist of easy to read points for your viewers, a strong call to action, and be well branded to fit your company while still being its own entity. At Point & Click, we have years of experience creating landing pages that work.