Employee Marketing

Finding the best people for your team

Over the years, Point & Click has perfected the art of online employee marketing and recruiting. With our extensive knowledge and a vast collection of online resources, we are able to find the right candidates for whatever position you may need to fill. Whether you are looking to hire a plumber in Arizona, or Truck Drivers in Nebraska, you can be sure Point & Click will find the right person to join your team. With this knowledge, and our ability to best optimize for many different online placements, we make the most out of your marketing budget while saving you time and money.

More Than Just Job Boards

Anyone can post job online, but finding the perfect person to join your already close knit team is much more than that. It takes careful planning, time spent analyzing results, and taking action based on those results. At Point & Click, our team combines our extensive marketing knowledge and online presence to bets serve your company’s hiring needs.

Our recruiting ads are syndicated to social placements, search results, job boards, classifieds and 3rd party sites. The increased reach of a Point & Click campaign offers more exposure, more applications and a lower cost per applicant than traditional job boards. 

While placements is a part of our strategy, we take it much further than that. Our success is based purely on results, so you can be sure we will treat your hiring needs like our own. Our team takes the time to learn as much as we can about the position you are trying to fill, and then carefully plans the best place to get the best results. Since everyone’s hiring needs are different, this step is the most important to a successful recruitment campaign. Depending on the type of job you are looking to fill, different placements other than jobs boards may be the right fit for your company.

Where We Recruit

Thanks to our online reach, you have access to more than just job boards to find your candidates. Some of our strategies we’ll use to hire your next employee are:

  • Social Media Placements
  • Google Search Optimization
  • Application Processing
  • Online Classifieds
  • Popular Boards

Who We Recruit

We understand that every industry is different, and may require someone with a specific set of skills.  Some employee recruiting we have perfected, but are not limited to, are:

  • Truck Driving / Transportation
  • Skilled Service Technichians
  • Sales Representatives
  • Call Center / Dispatchers
  • Office and Admissions Staff

The art of putting the right person in the right seat. 

Save money, time and effort and let us help hire the next member of your team. 

Regardless of the position, Point & Click will work hard to find the perfect applicants for your team. Our process is simple. Once we have a clear understanding of the type of people your company is looking for, we pull together our best resources, find the most targeted placements and design highly impressionable ads. During the lifetime of your employee marketing campaign, we will keep a close eye on the results, and make appropriate adjustments to improve the campaign and maximize your budget. Contact us to get started in hiring your perfect team.