Ultimate Predator

Bow Mounted Stalker Decoys

Ultimate Predator Gear

superior bow mounted

Stalker Decoys.

Ultimate Predator specializes in hyper realistic bow mounted hunting decoys, Wind Drifter Decoys & Adventure Cams designed specifically for hunters and Fisherman. Their one of a kind products are the most realistic in the industry.

Since it’s launch the Ultimate Predator products have been quickly adopted and loved by hunters all over the globe.


Ultimate Predator came to us pre-sale in preparation to launch their Stalker Decoy; the first offering in the Ultimate Predator Gear line. The owner of Ultimate Predator was well versed in building an audience and had already done a great job at creating a community of advocates around the upcoming product.

  • Goal 1. Create a brand image that could be expanded into future products.
  • Goal 2. Build an impressionable web presence that followed the brand guidelines.
  • Goal 3. Create a shopping experience with custom elements for their unique offerings.
  • Goal 4. Help with implementation of future products and product marketing.
  • Goal 5. Optimize the UltimatePredatorGear.com website to rank on organic search.
  • Goal 6. Assist in creating branded ads and additional outlets for driving traffic.


This was a special project for us, the owners’ passion was infectious and a community of hunters had already rallied behind the brand. We were very excited to be part of the launch and ongoing growth of this amazing brand. We just had to find a way  to bottle the passion everyone had for these products and share it with others. We also knew early on that the audience would be a consistent source of referrals and we needed to create effective mechanisms for them to share with others.


at a glance

The biggest factor in the Ultimate Predator strategy was the uniqueness of their product offering. It is truly a one of a kind item and unlike anything that had previously existed in the market. We had to find simple graphical ways to demonstrate the products function and overall value. With both the Stalker Decoys and the Wind Drifters we had to create simple and impressive graphic representations of the products value and how it functioned. Imagery that would tell the story at a glance even if you were unfamiliar with product.

We also needed to ensure that this product was easily accessible via search, not only for people looking for the brand directly but also for people searching for similar, inferior products. While the Ultimate Predator Stalker Decoy was one of a kind, there were other bow mounted decoys available from well established companies. We needed to be competitive with these companies and positioned to be a better solution. To compound the challenge, the branded key phrase “Ultimate Predator” existed as a adventure DVD and had competition from large websites like IMDB and Amazon. In order to combat these challenges we launched a very aggressive SEO campaign with a small Pay Per Click campaign to enhance our overall coverage. We now rank actively for the majority of our important keywords, branded keywords and their variations. We also launched a program allowing us to assist with Social Media collateral but most of Ultimate Predator’s social media management is handled in house and they continue to be very effective in generating an audience of product advocates through social platforms.



at a glance

The Ultimate Predator creative was designed specifically to look like a modern hunters resource. All graphics are specifically designed to accent the hunting lifestyle while being very clear on the products purpose and demonstrating its function. At a glance a site visitor will understand what they are looking at, how it works and why they need it.