Drawn to Comics

Comic Books and Collectibles Shop

Drawn to Comics is a

locally owned & operated

comic book store

Drawn to Comics is located in downtown Glendale. They offer an expansive variety of comics both new and back issued as well as one of the largest selections of collectibles and action figures in Glendale. But it doesn’t stop there!

They have a large assortment of games, t-shirts, graphic novels, supplies and more than 150 different posters and prints.


Drawn To Comics came to us with an outdated, not very functional website with the hopes of expanding their functionality while being self sufficient. The owner of Drawn To Comics, Ken Brown, wanted more control over his web presence, and came to Point & Click for our help bringing his dream online.

  • Goal 1. To have a functional, visually appealing website to showcase his comic store.
  • Goal 2. The ability to manage his own comic stock online in an organized way.
  • Goal 3. Create an online experience to provide his customers with information.
  • Goal 4. Have a way to share and manage in-store events online.
  • Goal 5. Trained to be self sufficient in updating and managing his own website.


Having a strong love of comic books, and a friendship with the owner, Point & Click was excited to help launch an online experience for the Drawn To Comics store. Our goal was to create a visually appealing website, that had all the functionality the client was looking for, while being simple to manage in-house. This took careful planning, which involved sitting down with the owner to clearly understand his goals in launching this new website.


at a glance

The biggest goal in creating the brand new Drawn To Comics website was creating a simple, easy to use system for the owner to manage his store online and communicate with his customers. The client wanted to be able to do everything on the website himself, from simple text updates to adding and managing stock.

To accomplish our goal, and meet all the expectations the owner had for the new website, we decided to use our favorite CMS software, WordPress. The CMS’s ease of use and wide range of functionality found to be perfect for Drawn To Comic’s needs. Within the website, we created an online store for them to showcase various comic products that they had on the market. The owner continues to manage and update his own stock online using this software, and has increased his profits by giving his customers another place to purchase their items. Another piece of functionality that was important to Drawn To Comics was the ability to provide their customers with information pertaining to the store. This includes the ability to share news, events, and specials they had going on. We built the website to have a user friendly blog section, that Drawn To Comics continues to update on a regular basis. The website is also equipped with an online calendar, so the owner can share exciting things going on in the store and community around them. To this day, Drawn To Comics regularly updates their website with the latest comic book news, community events, and new products coming into the store.