Driver Staffing. Solved.

Truck Driver Staffing. Solved.

CDS is a dynamic staffing agency that specializes in the transportation and supply chain industries. Through their F|Staff marketplace app, they help their workforce of highly qualified drivers find flexible CDL jobs across the United States.


Before working with Point and Click, CDS / F|Staff shared a common problem with other driver staffing agencies: too many open positions and not enough drivers to fill them. The needed to generate a pool of qualified CDL applicants at a low cost. Additionally, they wanted to expand their online presence, engage with a younger audience, and update their digital and print collateral.

  • Goal 1. Increase driver recruitment lead volume with costs-per-lead at or below the industry standard.
  • Goal 2. Improve lead quality by targeting drivers in geo-locations and with specific qualifications.
  • Goal 3. Modernize digital presence through updated visual designs, SEO, and online marketing.
  • Goal 4. Actively track leads and engagement and continually improve online recruiting practices.
  • Goal 5. Update physical print collateral and websites to be cohesive with new online assets.


There is currently a driver shortage that is impacting the entire transportation industry. That makes finding drivers expensive and challenging. With this stiff competition for driver talent, it wasn’t enough to simply target anyone with a CDL license. As a staffing company, CDS / F|Staff employs a different type of driver compared to standard CDL recruiting. We had to laser-focus our approach so that we could find, qualify, and convert the drivers who would be interested in the jobs that CDS offers, all while keeping cost-per-lead as low as possible.

Marketing Strategy

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We started with a low-budget test campaign that relied on pre-existing trade show collateral. Based on initial results, we identified many ways that we could help CDS / F|Staff with their marketing, branding, and digital footprint. We knew that getting CDS the results they wanted while staying within budget was going to require some out-of-the-box thinking to find drivers in places where other CDL staffing companies had neglected to look.

We focused first on designing collateral that would make an impression on drivers. That meant persuasive messaging, strong calls to action that spoke to the drivers, and proven conversion methodologies to pull in leads.

With updated collateral designs and all our marketing elements in place, we generated traffic by getting in front of the right drivers. We found prospects that met the CDS qualifying conditions, including geo-location and driver experience, and we engaged with them through multiple digital channels.

Once we had everything in motion, we monitored leads month over month and analyzed what was working and where we could make improvements. Our cost per lead is running at roughly 50% below the industry average, and lead volume has almost tripled since we began working with CDS.

The best part of working with a company like CDS is the long-term relationship that we have built. We started with a small-but-effective test, grew through a successful, ongoing marketing engagement, and we continue to represent them through digital and physical marketing, web presence, graphics, signage, presentations, videography, and more. We now design their webpages, landing pages, brochures, promotions, ads, trade show elements, and even their business cards.

“Point and Click helped us deliver not just the quantity of leads we wanted, but the quality of leads we needed at a low cost per lead. They helped us target the right drivers, and that let us serve our carrier partners quickly and effectively.”

– April Ray, VP of Marketing, CDS and F|Staff


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Over the years we had the opportunity to help F|Staff create brand elements and guidelines in designing their website, print materials, ads, exterior building elements, and several other graphics. Our approach was to create branding elements that would reflect the modern technological branding we had established for Fstaff and its technology-forward business model.