Truck Driver Training

Accredited training for the future

of America’s professional 

truck drivers.

American Institute of Trucking (AIT) is an accredited vocational career institute training students to be professional truck drivers Over the last 25 years AIT has trained and placed more than 10,000 graduates in careers as professional drivers.

All classes are designed with career central training ensuring that graduates will move on to be successful, highly trained drivers for some of the nation’s largest carriers.


Prior to their relationship with Point & Click, AIT’s marketing initiatives had been focused on traditional channels including help wanted ads, job fairs and referral marketing. These sources had been effective for the life of the company, but the results had begun to diminish quickly and they were looking for new channels to return them to their historic results.

  • Goal 1. Leverage digital channels like SEO, PPC and Social Media for lead generation.
  • Goal 2. Create a strategy to increase lead volume at a predictable cost per acquisition.
  • Goal 3. Increase AIT’s online presence with a redesigned website & brand image.
  • Goal 4. Create student collateral including presentations and print materials.
  • Goal 5. Actively manage AIT’s digital footprint and online reputation.


With over 25 years in business, AIT was already a well known authority in the transportation industry and we wanted to leverage that reputation in everything we did. Their online presence however was a blank slate giving us the ability to start fresh with all aspects of their online profile. Our first step for this account was to create a professional & impressionable online presence that would effectively communicate AIT’s value offering. Next we would create targeting to drive traffic from prospective students and create accompanying marketing resources to drive conversions.

Marketing Strategy

at a glance

To make this campaign successful we had several factors to consider including the persona of target audience, how they find AIT and where they are in the decision making process. We understood this would be more complicated than a standard search & convert campaign. Because of this we built a multi pronged strategy that would encompass search heavily but would also have a discovery element. This would allow us to target people who are ideal candidates but not necessarily considering a career in trucking. We also spent time considering the various levels of interest a user may have and created mechanisms to capture leads from people based on their interest level. We created simplified conversion funnels for people who were just considering a career in trucking, full application funnels for people who were ready to start today and various others for everyone in between.

For the search portion of the campaign we saturated everything from highly targeted organic and local rankings on the major search engines to paid search placements to ensure maximum saturation. For the discovery portion of the campaign, we created our persona targeting and affinity audiences and showed opportunistic ads through social media and display marketing. This approach not only helped us target ideal students but it allowed us to widen our reach drastically and reach potential leads that were not currently in our market audience.

Because of the scope of this campaign, tracking and messaging had to be forefront in everything we did. With so many active channels, it was important to tailor messages that complimented the referring resource. It was equally important that we were able to measure the success of each channel and to understand the ROI that each offered. In order to enhance these items we created ads, funnels and specific landing pages for each campaign. Every step a user took was tracked closely. Call tracking was implemented to measure inbound calls from each source and form tracking was also instituted. This allowed us to not only understand the exact cost and result from each source, but also to measure lead quality and granularity measure each source independently.

Increase to Website Visitors
Increase to Monthly Sessions
Increase to Monthly Impressions
Increase to Search Ranking


at a glance

We had an opportunity to help AIT create brand elements and guidelines in designing their website, print collateral, ads billboards and several other elements. Our approach was to create branding elements that would highlight transportation but still look competitive and impressionable when compared to other vocational training institutes. It was important to keep messaging forefront while accenting with impressive graphical elements.